go, fish

Behold: A new little fish at a big pond called Stansbury High School.

Classes started Tuesday. That morning he was his usual calm, collected,
no-need-to-make-a-fuss-it's-no-big-deal self.

But the night before, he came to me and admitted to having a butterfly or two.
"They'll be all these older kids there... which will be freaky."
{Freaky = Scary}

I reminded him that he knows lots of those older kids, and they'll be cool to him. I also reminded him of all the other freshmen, many of them his friends, who would be swimming right along with him... and in no time, they'd all be going with the flow.

"It's going to be a lot more work than junior high... and, dude, that sucks."

Yep, it will be more work. And from now on, it counts. So, my darling child, get a handle on that concept today. Right now. Otherwise, the suck factor you speak of will be of EPIC PROPORTIONS.

{Note his brooding above, over the prospect of Epic Suckage.}

We quickly changed the subject and talked about all the cool stuff.
He made high school the golf team, which he is loving,
and so far has qualified to compete in every tournament... not too shabby for a minnow!

We discussed the various clubs and activities,
which are great opportunities for him to get involved.
We also chatted about the games, the assemblies, the dances...
and all the other epic grab-ass that is High School.

{Note his elation above, at the prospect of Epic Grab-ass.}

As Tyler's Retired Diaper-Changer/Nose-Wiper/Lullaby-Singer, I gotta tell ya... he seems awfully big to me. {I mean, are ya lookin' at these photos?!} But in this context he is, indeed, a little fish in a big new pond... so my final counsel was short and sweet:

Stay alert. Stay close to good friends. Pray. Stay true to yourself.

"You're gonna rock high school SO HARD!" I chirped, all excited and smiley. "Do these things, honey, and you'll be just fine." He smiled, hugged me and went to bed. And then I cried.

Not because I'm worried about him. Not because I'm afraid he won't succeed. The tears were flowing because I know what high school really is.

For Tyler, it's a thrilling new beginning. For me, it's the beginning of the end.

And I know it's as it should be.

{Go, fish... and know that I love you.}

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