Fam Photos Part I

Last month my sister, Christine -- also known as The Darling of the Family, Vitamix Dynamo and Photography Wunderkind -- came to visit for a few weeks. The minute I knew she was coming I pounced on her, asserting whatever "I-Am-The-Oldest-You-Will-Do-What-I-Say" influence I might still possess and asked her to take our family pictures while she was here. She was happy and excited to oblige... and, in fact, was completely unaffected by my big-sister bullying. Which is precisely why she's The Darling of the Family.

Seriously, if you sat the Dirks down right now and asked us all to vote, she'd have it sewn up and IN. THE. BAG. Actually... the first round of voting would be thrown out because, being the self-absorbed narcissists that we are, we would all vote for ourselves... except for Christine, who would write down:

"In a million years I could never pick just one of you, because each of you are darlings to me. Please don't hate me for not picking, I love you guys so much! xoxoxoxo"

DIRK FAMILY: Do I not speak the truth? (Feel free to corroborate.) Which is why, when we voted again for real, Christine would take it in a landslide.

I digress. I meander. I tangent. Where was I? Oh, yeah... family photos.

The last time she took our photos was December 2009; they were taken in front of a totally cool barn that I'd driven past for years, and they turned out awesome. About a year ago I chose our next family photo location, another place I drive past all the time: An old abandoned railroad way station, sitting on the salt flats next to the Great Salt Lake, adorned with graffiti (the artful kind, not the ghetto subway station kind). Next to the building is a rusted out railroad car that's also bedecked with urban artwork. BINGO. The next time Chris was visiting in the summer, I knew that this was the place.

This first installment of photos features my faves of the Whole Fam Damily. Then I'll post my faves of Tyler, and then my faves of Dave and me. Actually, they're ALL my faves. I love this location, I absolutely LOVE how they turned out... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little sis for being so talented, so accommodating and... well, so damn darling. Thank you Chris!

{Thanks also to the Fam Damily for, once again, humoring your wife and mother... and for being so handsome and photogenic.}

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{ SHE } said...

You know I LUUUUUUVRVE these!! Can't wait to whip a Christmas card to coordinate. :) XOXO Rox!