pooh + keane = *sniff *

Last night I was in the throes of about five different projects at once when this came on TV. It caught my attention because I love, love, love the song "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane... but it was the music and the images that made me stop everything I was doing.

As crazy as it may seem, by the end I had full-on goosebumps and a honey pot in my throat! Listening to that song while watching my old friends -- friends I had all but forgotten as an adult, but cherished dearly as a child -- march over that bridge together brought tears to my eyes. In less than two minutes I went from a 41-year-old mom sorting bills to a four-year-old mophead sitting in front of her Fisher-Price record player, listening to Pooh's adventures while following along in her tattered-but-loved storybook.

"Oh simple thing... where have you gone?"

Back to the Hundred Acre Wood... where life is indeed simple, and sweet, and as wonderful as I remembered.

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