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Two weeks ago Dave and I celebrated our five-year anniversary.

The traditional gift for five years is supposed to be made of wood.

As in, a 2x4...
that we can take turns beating ourselves over the head with,
because we are trying to raise a teenager
without turning him into a sociopath, or us into blithering idiots.
(Too late to avoid the latter... hence the 2x4.)

Or a gangplank... 
which I will be more than happy to walk
if someone asks me to turn off my space heater one more time.
(It's snowing as I write this, btw... no end in sight for that thing. Sorry, hon.) 

Or a guesthouse...
a charming little bungalow in our backyard
that my groom will build with his own two hands move into if I don't,
"turn off the damn TV and go to sleep like a normal person."
(I promise to come visit you in your new digs.)

Only five years... it feels like a lot longer than that.

And that feels great.

Love you, hon.

The Happy Couple at Tuscany on March 25, 2011...
where we were married on March 25, 2006.

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Deanna said...

Happy 5th anniversary, you two! You're a beautiful couple! How time flies, right? Kareen, it's been a wonderful 5 years with you in the family!