social (networking) outcast

I came across this article today: 10 reasons not to join Facebook

All I can say is amen, amen and A-freaking-MEN!!

I'm not trying to stage a coup against social networking. Like television, the Internet and, well, technology in general, good things can come from it. But unfortunately, humans are wont to take a thing and contort, twist and mangle it into something that ends up being unhealthy on some level. Enter Facebook, which singlehandedly makes 500 million people unproductive at least, and self-destructive at worst.

And honestly, what the hell is up with people submitting themselves to the foolishness that is Facebook "friending?" I mean, didn't we all endure enough of that in junior high and high school??? Oh, dear. I can't get started... Suffice it to say that I just think it would be great if folks would read an article or two like this one and, God willing, come to their senses a little bit.

I realize my opinion on the matter makes me a social (networking) outcast, but that doesn't bother me. And you know what? It doesn't make these 10 reasons any less valid.

Just somethin' to chew on between all that friending and farming and quiz-taking.

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