three rings outta nowhere

Today I had to run to The Gateway (a plaza-like mall in SLC) to return something. I was already downtown because I had just submitted a proposal for work, and we had another proposal we were working on today that I needed to help with... so I gave myself about 13 minutes to get there, park, return my item and hurry back to the office.

When I got to the Gateway, they had completely blocked off the "main drag" -- a road down the middle of the shops where once in a while, if Karma is smiling on you, find can a parking spot. And finding parking anywhere else was proving to be a small nightmare because there were also cars EVERYWHERE. I couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about on a Wednesday afternoon. By the time I parked in the bowels of the underground garage and come up on the elevator, I had already wasted eight of my 13 minutes... so naturally, I was feeling annoyed and more rushed with each passing second.

The elevator doors opened, and I was hit by a barrage of kids... preschoolers, toddlers and babies... all accompanied by their moms, and a sprinkling of dads and grandmas. (It was the largest fleet of strollers I think I've ever seen.) My first thought was that Gymboree and Old Navy were going out of business and giving away their remaining inventory for free... I couldn't imagine another reason why this many Utah moms would be here at the same time.

But there was, in fact, another reason: They were all there to see the Ringling Bros. "officially" come to town in the form of a parade. Balloons and acrobats, clowns and stiltwalkers, miniature horses with feathery headdresses -- "and elephants, elephants even!!" a little girl told me, her big blue eyes all happy and sparkling -- all making their grand entrance down The Gateway ANY. MINUTE. NOW.

I was well past my 13 minutes, but I was no longer annoyed and rushed. In fact, I felt just the opposite. After all...

The circus has come to town!

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