Last night we had our friends over for the U of U's first away game against New Mexico. In an effort to be entertained by watching our offspring do something strenuous (isn't that one of the perks of having kids?), the parents decided that the kids had to do push-ups for every point scored, just like the cheerleaders do at the home games.

Some kids are in fine form. Others might need some upper body work. You be the judge.

After they're done, two-year-old Taylor -- sporting a crimson tutu for the big occasion -- decides that she wants to do some "push-ups" like the big kids... which, as you will see, is hysterical. (Please ignore my counting of Tay Tay's push-ups, I got a little distracted by the cuteness.)

Final score of the game: Utes 56, Lobos 14.

Final outcome at the party: Tired kids with aching arms, Grown-ups openly pleased by the discomfort.

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