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I'm not particularly starstruck by celebrities. I think it's a function of age, combined with the fact that I'm really too busy to care about who the Kardashians are tripping into bed with or that Lohan has failed a drug test and violated her parole. Again. (Would anyone be surprised by that at this point? I mean really, aren't we just expecting it every 28 days or so?)

Sometimes at the beauty salon I pick up one of those gossip mags and, as I flip through it, I realize that I don't know who ANYBODY is anymore, unless they're a major pop culture icon (like, say, Jennifer Aniston) or they're close to my age (like... uh... Jennifer Aniston). Except for the gentle reminder that I am no longer all that young and apparently not very hip or cool, this does not bother me. I don't have any hopes, dreams or fantasies about being BFF's with Megan Fox or hooking up with Josh Hartnett. (And yes, I had to Google "hot twentysomethings" to find names to plug in here. I'm pathetic!)

But I must admit: I often think it would be super cool to have a slice of pizza with Tina Fey.

I'm not enamored with her in a president-of-the-fan-club-who-bought-an-old-pair-of-her-socks-on-ebay kind of way. I just think she's incredibly clever and smart; she's a talented writer who has worked very hard and channeled her abilities into a pretty amazing existence. She's done everything I would have done if I'd chosen a different path... and, frankly, if I'd had enough guts... and for that, she rocks. (I guess, technically, she 30 Rocks.)

I watched her interview with Matt Lauer on Today yesterday, and I thought the same thing I think every time I watch a Tina Fey interview: She and I could totally be friends. Yes, I'm serious! I think we have a lot in common... she's a writer, she's funny, she's not afraid to be exactly who she is... she's even avoided hopping on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons for the same reasons I have (finally, someone who would relate to my resistance!).

And also, there's this little gem of a comment she once made about herself:

"I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math."

This statement actually makes me wonder if we're twins who were separated at birth... so because of all that, I'm just gonna put this out there:

Tina: If you decide you're in the market for a smart-ass writer-friend from Utah who's willing to fly to NYC for lunch on a moment's notice, just tell me when and where.

And if Amy Poehler is available, bring her along.

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SUZANNE said...

Seriously, you could be T-Fey's right hand woman! Did you see her on Jimmy Fallon recently? Total hoot! Jeff and I were dying! One of Jeff's buddies use to be her right hand man. He's now big time. I think you should take his spot! Loving your posts girl!! Keep them coming!