follicular intensity

My hair is VERY big today. I washed it today and, as is customary with Day One of my Hair Cycle, the result is RIDICULOUS volume... but not the kind of volume you see in a Pantene Pro-V television commercial.

More like the kind of volume you'd see if Peter Frampton and Rosanne Roseannadanna had a baby.

Or if you combined a 1984 Poison music video with the Jersey Turnpike.

Or if I stuck my head into a cotton-candy making machine for an hour.

Or a poodle on meth.

Day Two of the Hair Cycle -- clean, but slept on and significantly less voluminous -- is always better, so tomorrow I won't be nearly as self-conscious.

I better run... I'm due to straddle a Trans-Am in acid washed cut-offs in an hour.

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SUZANNE said...

A poodle on meth she says!!! I about shat myself on that one!! You kill me. PS-can you rid your blog of those secret scrambled letters you have to type in in order to leave a comment? Thanks Rox!! Mucho appreciated!!