ELLE. oh. vee. ee.

Today's blurb is dedicated to one of the most captivating cherubs I know.

Everyone, this is Elle.
Elle Kennedy Johnson.

Elle lives in Las Vegas with her
equally captivating twin brother, Liam, her super cool daddy, Jeff,
and her most awesome mommy, Suzanne, who is one of my dearest BFFs.

Yesterday I was having one of the crappiest days ever. As in
kind of crappy... so I went to Suz's blog for some relief.

This is the photo that turned it around for me:

Her chubby arms. Her chipmunk cheeks.
(Suz, is that a dimple in her chin? Or drool?)
Her funny little grin as she makes herself at home
in a pile of clean blankies and burp cloths.

How can I possibly stay at DEFCON ONE
with this level of cuteness smacking me between the eyes??
It's preposterous.
It's reedeekyoulaaahs.
It cannot be done, I tell you.

So I relaxed, took some deep breaths...
Took in a little more Elle-ness...
and I felt better.

I mean, seriously. How could I not?

Elle Belle, you charmed me right out of my funk...
and for that, baby girl, you rock!

I owe you big hugs and kisses...
And that pony I promised you when you were still in the womb.

Lots of lovesies,
Auntie K-Fraud

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SUZANNE said...

Dear Auntie K Fraud,
Actually you made my day!! Thank you for my very first blog feature that wasn't on Mommy's. I love you and hope you come to town soon to spoil me with some hugs and kisses. You know, the first birthday bash is in full planning mode over here. Maybe you can plan a little trip to LV for the big event, and then after wards, you and mommy can hit the town and whoop it up for your birthday since we kept her from your big bash last year. The party is slated for the weekend of 12.10.10...what do you say? Love you and thanks again for making me feel like a superstar!!!