the a team

Since Saturday we've been immersed in football tryouts: Four sweaty, grueling days that have thus far resulted in a busted lip, massive body bruising (what the hell are those pads for, anyway?) and a skinned knee that could use a large sterile dressing -- or possibly some epidermic grafting. (Tyler continues to believe that his knee is oozing pus... I continue to reassure him that it's simply the layer of fluid that, under normal circumstances, is contained by skin.)

Anyway, the beating and the bruising and the busting-his-butt has paid off: Last night at 10 o'clock we got a phone call from the head coach, and Tyler has made the A Team. He's over the moon... and I'm off to the drugstore to buy more gauze and bandages.

I'm proud of you, son! Play great, have fun... and, for my sake, try and steer clear of the offensive line.

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