eighth grade

So... this is what eighth grade looks like:

Three inches taller, ten pounds heavier and much longer hair than seventh grade.
(Here's the photo comparison from last year to this year.)
Very handsome. Very grown up.

First-day ensemble: Hollister skinny jeans, plaid oxford, black Pumas (size 9).
He was pretty stoked about finally fitting in men's jeans this year...
For me, it's just another red flag: Time's passing too fast.

The hair is a careful, tenuous process.

These days the top of Tyler's head is like a delicate ecosystem. A single uncooperative strand -- like the one we dealt with this morning -- puts the entire system in danger of complete collapse and, in turn, triggers a catastrophe the likes of which are known only to Old Testament folks.

Thanks to Mom's arsenal of styling tools and products, we managed to get his coiffure under control and avoid Armageddon.

Bella, our neighbor across the street and one of Tyler's BFFs,
shows up at 7:15 for the walk to the bus stop.

The fact that they are totally adorable together is not lost on me.
Nor is it lost on my friend Kristi, Bella's mom.
We have already arranged their marriage.
I'm sure this photo will be in the collage we put together for their reception.

"Bye, Mom. You can stop taking pictures now."

Bye, son. Love you. Have a great year.


just us jones' said...

I can't believe your boy is so big! Where does the time go?

Luv your guts pinkie!

Nicole said...

No way! He is like a grown man compared to his 7th grade picture! I can just image him rolling his eyes as you show him how to pose on the red pole. K-"now put your right hand in your pocket..." Too funny!