Cupid Pops

For Valentine's Day this year I made cake pops. Cake pops are a signature confection of Bakerella, who has a fabulous blog about all things baked and beautiful. Her creations are adorable in a holy-crap-she-must-never-ever-sleep kind of way... and because I prefer shut-eye to pretty much everything else, I mostly just peruse and admire her mad baking skills and insane cuteness.

However... because I'm feeling brave in the kitchen these days, I decided to give her cake pops a whirl in Cupid's honor. (And because I decided that I had FIVE HOURS to spare on a Thursday evening after Zumba class.)

This is actually the second time I've made cake pops. The first time was a couple of weeks ago, just to see if I could pull them off. It was definitely a learning curve: I made some mistakes, then made some adjustments... and below is my second, more confident attempt:

This photo makes me think of the game Candy Land.
If the Milton Bradley gang were so inclined,
they could easily add Cake Pop Grove to the board.

Oooh... sparkly and glittery... and when you bite it, it's RED VELVETY!

Once they were chocolate-dipped and candy-coated,
of course I had to put them in pretty packages...

I mean... go big or go home, right?
Since I was already home, I had no choice but to go big.
And then, at 12:56 a.m., I went to bed.

My Cupid Pops aren't as cute as Bakerella's creations... her shoes are big ones to fill, as you can see here, and I'm just taking baby steps! But I think they turned out pretty cute... and yummy. In fact, Dave and Ty ate one and it was like the Diapered Cherub himself had hit the bullseye on my guys... they instantly began to swoon and profess their undying love for me!

Or, maybe they said: "Hey, these are pretty tasty. But do we have to call them cake pops? That's kinda girly."

Personally, I prefer the swooning-and-professing version.

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SUZ said...

Ummm, so cute! Can I have one? Now?! Love ya Rox!