Out with The Chin, keep The Hair in!!

I know there are a grundle of more important things going on in the world right now (everyone pray for Haiti!!)... but my undies have been in a bunch over this Jay/Conan issue for days now, and I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to pledge my allegiance to a talented guy who worked his goofy ass off to get where he is... and now, after only a few months, is being forced out by a prima donna who apparently has never heard of Move Your Feet, Lost Your Seat.

Whether his brand of humor is or isn't your cup of tea, right is right... and Conan is being handed a giant, sloshing bucket of THE SHAFT.

It'd be great if NBC grew a pair and did thing right thing—which would be to send JAY WALKIN' and keep Conan right where he is—but it seems unlikely. So, once the Olympics end and until Conan resurfaces on Fox, I'll be tuning in to David Letterman... after all, this is a DREAM. COME. TRUE. for him... I'm sure he and his writers are giddy as schoolgirls with all the material they'll have to work with over the next couple of months. And if Letterman is smart, he's working like CRAZY right this minute to lock in a very special guest for his show on March 1: Conan O'Brien.

The pooch has officially been screwed. Way to go, Jay and NBC. Rock on, Conan!

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Tennille said...

I do think that Conan is the funnier of the two. And I'm glad that he's basically said he'd leave NBC rather than be pushed back an hour. I think Jay should just retire and spend his time driving all those cars.

And I pretty much hate Letterman, so I think I'll just read a book instead. :)