40 Years of Serious "Street" Cred

This year I am turning 40. As in FOUR-OH MY HELL HOW IS IT THAT I'M THIS OLD ALREADY???

But that's another post for another time... sometime in the next 34 days.

In the meantime, I will share this: In an effort to distract myself from the realization that my life is half over, I've made a game out of finding other people/cool events/monumental stuff that turns 40 this year as well. The entire list will appear in the aforementioned "different post"... but there was no way I could let today go by without paying giddy, giggly homage to what is BY FAR the absolute best thing I share my birthday year with.

Happy birthday to SESAME STREET, which aired its first episode exactly 40 years ago today!

How can I express my gratitude to Maria for teaching me how to count to 10 in Spanish? How can I show my appreciation to the silhouettes that taught me how to sound out words? How can I ever thank Grover for helping me channel my inner superhero?

Today I give mad props to a show that instilled in me an early love of letters and words, a love that continues to this day... a show that taught me kindness matters most (remember the seventh son of the Alligator King?)... a show where I learned that bakers are clumsy, pinball is awesome, and grouches are sometimes nice...

Today, with enough nostalgia to choke an imaginary woolly mammoth, I pay happy tribute to a show that taught me how to count -- and, more importantly, taught me that everyone counts in this world, no matter what color they are, where they're from or if they're different than I am.

Below are one... two... (count with me)... three... four... five of my favorite Sesame Street clips... my way of showing love for the peeps from the ultimate 'hood. Long live Big Bird, Bert & Ernie and the gang -- nobody has more "Street" cred in my book!

Clip#1: OneTwoThreeFourFive, SixSevenEightNineTen, ElevenTwelve!!
Pinball, groovy song and counting... you know you're diggin' it.

These aliens, a.k.a. the Yip Yips, have always cracked me up. Even now there are times that I have to suppress a giggle when the phone rings, because I often think of the Yip Yips hovering over that rotary phone, blurting: BRRRRRRRIIIIINGGG! One of the funniest segments on SS for me... yipyipyipyipyip!!

Clip #3: The first rave ever, brought to you by SOME, ALL and NONE
My boss and good friend Matt reminded me of this one and, after watching it a few times, I decided it was definitely postworthy. A super-silly-yet-simple way to teach some, none and then all, where the scene takes on a rave-like vibe. A muppet rave? Dude, I'm ALL over that!

Clip #4: Oh, that adorable John-John
He was and still is my favorite little non-muppet. Here's John-John helping Bert work through some of his feelings... and when he shows us his happy face, I just wanna put some sugar on those cheeks and eat 'em!

Clip #5: The Alligator King
This SS cartoon is the one I remember most vividly... the images, and the moral of the story, have always just stuck with me.

This post was brought to you by the letter K... and the number 40. :)

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SUZ said...

Laaaaaa-ove this!!! After each perfectly composed post that you make, uh, I feel totally inadequate commenting...but this one has to be one of the best ones I've read on here, so I must. Sesame fer shure rocks the hizzie. Among my favs include "Letter B"- Beatles style, those flying puzzle pieces (ba-dee-boop ba-dee-boop boop boooooing...) then they'd slide all around so you could figure it out what the picture was, of course The Honkers", and I always thought the pink and orange striped worm was so cute-was his name Slimey? Looking toward to "different posts" over the next 34 days!!!