I don't know what's worse... that it's been almost a month since I posted, or that my first post in almost a month would be about, after all this time, THE ZIT again.

I know a few of you had serious gag reflex from the last entry, so I'll make this brief: About a week ago, and the day before I was taking Ty to the doctor to formally diagnose what I had finally decided was a tumor, he managed to pop it. I wasn't there when he did it, but apparently it was an experience not unlike Armageddon: Pus, blood, tears, pain. It's on the mend now, but I'm kind of worried about it leaving a mark.

SUPER. As if adolescence doesn't already leave a mark, right?

Anyway... for those who were left hanging in horrified-yet-curious suspense about this subplot in our lives, you now have closure. Let's hope the skin on Ty's nose gets it, too. :)

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Nicole said...

Wow. It got to the point a doctor had to take care of it? Ouch. Is it wierd that I kinda want to see a picture?