Yes, friends, our saga that is The Athletic Cup continues. Hard to believe, isn't it?

So, you'll recall my post from a few weeks ago (read it here) regarding our search for the proper athletic protection for Tyler... and how heee-larious the guys thought they were as they snapped pictures of the WALL O' CUPS at the sporting goods store.

Well, if they wouldn't have been so busy creating that Kodak moment, perhaps one of them would have noticed the absolute GINORMITY of the cup they purchased.

The first time I got a good look at the cup was the first time Ty wore it to practice; he came home and said that it was like wearing a frying pan in his pants. I told him to bust it out, so I could see what we were dealing with.

Sha-ZAM! Out it came from his pants to the table… and immediately I thought of Hercules, Samson and The Incredible Hulk.

It was WAY. TOO. BIG. I couldn't decide if they had picked up the wrong one by accident, or they had just not paid attention... or if I had somehow instilled in Tyler a positive body image so powerful that it extended far beyond reality...

Forget the frying pan. If it were heat-resistant I could boil a pot of spaghetti for 12 in that thing.

The next day I purchased and brought home a slightly smaller, considerably narrower model. Ty says the new version is much better, although it's still not the most comfortable accessory in the world (which is now more of a getting-used-to situation).

As for the Team Goliath protection: We can’t return it, because Ty already used it. Dave says he’s going to wear it to the Utah games in case Coach Whit calls him down and has him run a few plays. (The dreams of middle-aged men are precious.) Most likely it will just sit in Ty’s drawers—meaning his dresser—for a few years until he… uh… grows into it.

In the meantime, perhaps we can find some other uses for it—like when we have company over for dinner. Hope you like pasta!


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Nicole said...

You are so funny! I miss you.

Sandra said...

Okay, did anyone else slightly throw up in their mouth when Tyler put his "frying pan" on the table???? This was right after practice, was it not? I know he's still young and all, but my eye's started twitching when I read that part. Funny nonetheless lady. Can't wait for that day.