Welcome to Junior High

Tyler's still willing to humor his mother and pose for a photo on the first day of school; here he is on Friday, before catching the bus to his big new adventure. School doesn't officially begin until Monday the 24th, but the "sevvies" go a day early so they can find their way around the school on their own, without the 8th graders (which I think is a great idea).
Of course, I was on pins and needles the whole day... and when he called me after school, I became the embodiment of the Spanish Inquisition:
"How was the bus ride? Did they have a big orientation? Did you make it to all your classes ok? How were your teachers? Do you have any friends in your classes? So, ARE YOU GOING TO BE OKAY???"
His answers:
"Fine. Yep. Yep. Fine. Yep. YES MOM, I'M GOING TO BE FINE. I'm gonna go check my Facebook, ok?"
Welcome to junior high.

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