His Cup Runneth Over

So, we have one of these in our house now:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this creature, I believe the scientific name for it is Futbalia maniacas: A five-foot-two, 102-pound young male who, thrilled with the prospect of playing tackle football, gets up one random morning last week and puts on all his gear at 7 a.m. (yes, those shoulder pads are over his PJs). The curious specimen proceeded to wander aimlessly around the house for almost an hour, finally realizing that it is RIDICULOUS O'CLOCK and the only place to go from here is to have Mom take a picture.

Sorry, Ty... you asked for it.

So yes, the football frenzy has officially commenced in our home. I'm married to a Utah Man, am I (Ki Yi!), so we ramp up pretty quickly when August is upon us because it means football season is only a couple of weeks away. However, the excitement is amplified this year because Tyler has officially traded in his soccer cleats for football cleats... and mouth guards, and chin guards, and thigh pads, and a grundle of gridiron gear that I could SERIOUSLY go all season long without discussing... namely, ahem, athletic supporters/protectors.

And yes, I added "protectors" because, let's face it, is a cup really holding up anything? Protecting, yes... but supporting? Doubtful... at least, not on a 12-year-old. Ew, strike the thought, I don't want that image in my brain about my own kid, ARRGGH!

So last week, after we picked up the pads and pants and helmet, we made a list of all the whatever-else-we-need-in-order-to-hit-and-be-hit stuff to buy. Of course a cup was on the list, and Dave and Ty started talking about cups, and I started to squirm... and they picked up on that, and started to talk about cups ad nauseum... until it got to the point where I couldn't tell which one was the 12-year-old, and I said as much, and then left the room, and they chuckled because they've figured out how to make me uncomfortable and they LOVE it. Touchdown for them!

Football-crazed Males - 7
Outnumbered Female - 0

The next day, while I was at work and they were at the sporting goods store, Dave and Ty sent me this picture and I thought I would share it here:

In case you can't tell what these are, they are cups. Lots and lots (for the love of pete, why are there so many???) and lots and LOTS of them.

Yeah... you two are FREAKIN' HILARIOUS. While you're laughing about that, stop and think about all the people who saw you guys taking pictures in the JOCK STRAP AND CUP SECTION like a couple of WEIRDOS. Who's laughing now, suckers??

Woo-hoo, she SCORES!

Outnumbered Female - 7
Camera-happy Goofballs -7

I'll keep you posted with the play-by-play... looks like it's gonna be a great season. :)

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